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Welcome to Damp Digital Productions.

    Shooting with HD cameras in housings waterproof to 100m, using either Scuba equipment or a single breath of air, we are able to to capture the underwater world as most have never seen.

    With certifications in Mixed Gas and Staged Decompression combined with training in both cave and wreck environments, our shooters have access to some exclusive watery scenes.  If stealth is a priority, for example with whales or dolphins, we are able to capture scenes while freediving, allowing the camera to track a marine creature at a high rate of speed without startling it with bubbles from scuba tanks.

    Once back on land, we are able to edit and produce video on-site using the latest technology and software available, providing for a quick delivery time.

    Please contact us for more information about how we can help you with your next project!


HD video from underwater

Being able to see what lies beneath the surface of the oceans and lakes of our planet is an amazing experience.

Sharing those visuals with people on dry land allows everyone to see down be.low..

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